Hello there! 🙂

This blog is all about me, my life, my trips, my foodtrips and my experiences. I am a corporate slave waking up each morning for my next travel destination. True enough, work funds weekends and special holidays.

Sharing with you the journeys (most are budget trips) I’ve been through. I am neither a writer nor a good photographer (most pictures are unedited or autoedited haha!) but I hope this blog will do.

Enjoy and travel! 🙂


12 thoughts on “janylineee

  1. hi Boni and Martin, sure sure! I will upload some pictures soon! 😀 will get to that later! for the meantime, you can read my other posts. hope you’ll learn something from it 🙂 haha!

    • Hello jackie! If maktrav kayo, start nyo dapat sa sto tomas then baba niyo sa los banos. Never saw guides there. Nung umakyat kami, may mga nakaakyat na dun so they know the way. Best if you would have someone who already climbed it traverse para di kayo maligaw kasi medyo nakakalito yung trail. May DENR office sa los banos side pero usually sa santo tomas yung start kapag traverse. Sorry, cant be of help. 😐

  2. Hi Jackie, Ive read abut the Beach resorts for Wedding events. I would like to know more about your research. Hope you are not so busy for a facebook chat or phone calls. 🙂

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