Wedding Supplier Review: Ellen Clavio-Viray (Divisoria)

RATING: 9/10

Being in weddings, you’ll find yourselves checking out the bride and what she’s wearing. I have been seeing quite a lot of beautiful wedding dresses but most of the time, they are usually paired with a ridiculously expensive price tag. As a hands-on bride, I was very concerned about the balance of having wedding gown that suits our budget and would make me the star of the night. hahaha!

Since we are looking for a budget friendly gown, we first visited Divisoria. There were a LOT of RTW gowns here and they are very cheap. However, the quality isn’t that great. Most of them uses a cheap type of material and it’s evident even when the design is good. Luckily, we stumbled upon a stall in 168mall with really nice RTW wedding gowns. You’ll see the difference in terms of the materials used and the accessories used for the gown. So we went in and inquire. We were able to talk to Ms. Ellen Clavio-Viray, the owner. We talked about the design I want not only for my gown but also for the mothers’ dresses and my four secondary sponsors. I was looking at a bohemian themed long dresses for my girls and with varying shades of purple.  She quoted me with Php 3500 for the entourage dresses, Php5000 for the mothers’ dress and Php25000 for my wedding gown. That’s cheap, I thought.

I showed her some sample wedding gowns that I’m pegging and told her that I’d want a detachable tulle dress for the reception. An initial draft was sent to me via email and I agreed with design proposal.

Ms. Ellen is very nice and accommodating but she has a tendency not to reply immediately, making you worry about it. One of the issue we had with her is when the initial draft of what the gowns will look like was not followed at all. However, the end results were good so not really sure if i’ll be complaining about it all. Also the 1st fitting and 2nd fitting were very near the wedding day already which made my mom panic a lot. I was not really worried that much but you’ll want to consider plotting the fitting schedules as early as you book her.

Regardless of all my petty concerns above, I was really happy about the gowns. They didn’t look like it’s cheap and from Divisoria to be honest. 🙂 All in all, I am really impressed and happy about the dresses we’ve bought from her. They are clean and simple but nicely detailed. She also gave me some freebies on the day itself – like the mannequin for the gown pictorial, rope, pillows and veil.

Ms. Ellen’s contact number is 0917 9760358

Here are some pictures:


image image

image image image image

The Wedding Dress


Here’s what the gown looks like without the tulle dress, BTW

The Wedding Itself 


Up Close and Personal: Mothers’ Dresses

Up Close and Personal:Secondary Sponsors Dresses


5 thoughts on “Wedding Supplier Review: Ellen Clavio-Viray (Divisoria)

    • Maam sa iba po kami nagpagawa ng suit ni groom pero divi din. Kilala din po ni Ms. ellen yun. Yung sa maid of honor po php3500 same as sa mga abay. 5k po yung sa mommies namin then 25k po sa wedding gown ko

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