Wedding Supplier Review: Casa Blanca, Intramuros, Manila

RATING: 8/10

We had no trouble with this supplier. Everything was indicated in the contract that we signed to reserve the venue. As discussed in the other review that I made, we were planning a garden wedding and when we went to this compound in Intramuros (which was located across San Agustin Church and inside the compound of Barbara’s), we saw the open area of the compound which was called Casa Manila Patio. We thought that the venue was perfect for an outdoor and intimate wedding. This was the first venue that we booked (good for 150 max). There are other venues that you can choose from within the compound and within Intramuros as well. You just need to talk to Intramuros Administration within the compound of Casa Blanca to ask for details.

First thing that we did was check the function rooms and check their availabilities on the scheduled wedding date. We initially booked Casa Manila Patio and for you to formally book your preferred date, you will need to prepare a letter address to the head of the administration to use the venue (ask the details in the office). To lock the date, there is a downpayment of 50% total venue fee. Since the initial reservation that we did was in Casa Manila Patio (total venue fee is PHP 12,000), our downpayment was Php 6,000. Same payment terms apply for the other function rooms (50% downpayment, 50% 1 month before the reservation date plus 10% of the total caterer’s fee).

2013 had crazy weather so I was quite worried that even though the wedding is scheduled on February (which should be the start of summer in the Philippines), there is still a 50% chance of raining. I don’t want to risk it so we decided to change to an indoor venue. We were eyeing Teatrillo (underground function room) but the date was already reserved to a different couple and the only available function room was Casa Blanca. So we checked it out and to be honest, we really didn’t like the feel of it. It has an eerie vibe in it and it is full of posts that can hinder the view of the audience. Good points about the venue is it is spacious (good for 200 pax, 6hours) and there are a lot of open places where you can position suppliers. The venue costs Php 17,000 and since we already gave a downpayment of Php 6,000, we just gave the additional Php 2,500 downpayment to book the date. Request letters are quite a thing for any step that you will be making for function rooms under the government administration so we did another letter requesting the change of venue.

1 month before the wedding we settled the payment together with the 10% of the total caterer fee (you can arrange a workaround with your caterer for this.. if you know what I mean!) One of the selling points of the venue was the spacious floor area and amonst those were the veranda and the other small area near the stairs. Downside is, the veranda wouldnt be fully included in the venue rental until 1 to 2 weeks before the scheduled reservation dates. Reason behind it is that the office may still accommodate rentals for that separate part of the function hall. We submitted another request letter to use the veranda for our caterer and mobile bar. Good thing is that there were no reservations made on our scheduled date so we were able to use it.

Another additional fee that we paid was the payment for the platform (Php 1000). This was used as the “stage” during the reception.

Some tips:

– be prepared to create lots of request letters

– you need to make sure that your caterer does have a copy of the reservation agreement letter (provided by the office) because they will need to show it to the “guardia civil” before they can set up

– IMPORTANT: since the venue is kinda gloomy, you need to get an excellent good lights and sounds supplier who can make the venue magical. Ours was rejectkrew and there was no gloomy or eerie feel because of their good set of lights. Rating to follow.



– place was cheap and it was good for 6 hours

– very spacious if you get the veranda



– creating a lot of request letters

– air conditioning was bad. For roughly 150 guests, some of them were already sweating at the start of the reception program. Good thing it was night time and eventually the weather outside got cold already.

– there a lot of posts that could obstruct the view of the stage

– it was at the 2nd floor and if you have older set of guests, it will be hard for them to go upstairs.



Photobooth upstairs

Photobooth upstairs






caterer and mobile bar

caterer and mobile bar

2013-04-04 18.56.32









6 thoughts on “Wedding Supplier Review: Casa Blanca, Intramuros, Manila

  1. This maybe quite too late but congratulations to both of you and more happiness to come. I just would like to say that this is a very nice and peaceful wedding venue. Thanks for sharing!

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