Wedding Suppliers Review after 10 years.. (nope, just after half a year) :)

Okay, I will be very honest… I am too lazy to create wedding reviews. I just can’t do entries for each of the steps that we’ve been through. I’m so sorry! 🙂

Our wedding was last February 8, 2014.. almost half a year done, had settled down in our unit, now have a baby shihtzu puppy named Mambo and it’s just now that I found the courage (or sipag) to do reviews for our wedding suppliers. For a low cost wedding (of roughly 400++ thousand pesos total expenses), we didn’t have the flawless wedding that every hands on brides/grooms dreamt of. There were a couple of good suppliers but there were also some suppliers who weren’t really the best in their businesses.

In the following posts that I’ll be uploading (which, just a heads-up, might take a couple of weeks to finish), I will be very honest and will try my best to be accurate. These reviews will definitely be personal and subjective based on what we’ve experienced as a client! 🙂

Oooh btw, sharing one of my favorite pictures of that night!




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