Wedding Review: St. Pancratius Chapel (Chapel, AKA Paco Park Chapel)

RATING: 6.5/10

As discussed in my previous review, this chapel was under the umbrella of San Vicente de Paul Parish within the compound of Adamson University. The parish is handling both St. Pancratius Chapel and San Vicente de Paul Church.

Wedding Fee: 

St. Pancratius Chapel – Php 18,000

Schedule of payment: Php 5,000 down payment, full payment should be paid 1 month before the scheduled wedding

San Vicente de Paul – Php 12,000


– Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate

– Marriage License (Got ours from Paranaque City Hall since we both live in that city. The whole process was really hassle free because of the good service that we got from their office. We also had a not so formal interview with DSWD and the interview mostly focused on family planning)

– Canonical Investigation (it was a very quick interview with one of the priests of the parish. The conversation mostly revolved around how well do we know each other and how much do love each other)

– Pre-Marriage Seminar (half day seminar which was focused on the sacrament of marriage and how sacred it is)

– Wedding banns (there will be a form that you will submit to your own parishes – where you live. The purpose of the wedding banns is to formally announce your upcoming marriage to your own parishes at least 3 Sundays before your Marriage date. You will need to pay a fee for this and it might vary (I Guess) depending on your parishes)

– List of Principal Sponsors


– basic flower arrangement, officiating priest, candles for secondary sponsors, red carpet (within the chapel) – if you are planning to extend the carpet outside you’ll need to advise, use of electricity, organ and air condition.

Some tips: 

– we brought our own priest and we provided his full name, complete address and License Number and its Expiration Date.

– you will also need to give your Photo and/or Video crew a form that they will need to sign. you will give it back the parish office.

– capacity is only for 150 people


As discussed in the separate review about the chapel, we really loved the ambiance of the place. Exterior of the chapel was very vintage and it was also nice that the whole chapel is inside the very rustic compound of Paco Park. You will have an option to have picture-perfect moments in front of the chapel or in the garden.

Aside from being air conditioned, it was perfect for intimate weddings. You’ll just really need to manage your guest list well to have them fit this chapel.

Lastly, the requirements (seminar and interview) were hassle free.


Bad side of having a very small chapel is having a lot of guests. Yes there is air conditioning, but if the chapel is jam-packed, then it will be a little warmer. There is also nothing really special with the interior of the chapel. The altar was small and not as elaborate as compared to other old churches/chapels within Manila area.

The aisle is very short, not a good option for brides who are looking to have their dramatic fashion walk a.k.a. “rampa” in long aisles. If you’d want to have a longer “rampa”, you’ll need to start walking from the fountain.

What got into us was the coordination needed. First off, there was another management taking care of the fountain in front of the chapel. We coordinated separately with NPDC to make sure that the fountain was on for the entourage. A separate fee of Php 500 was paid to make it possible. We also had an issue with the liturgical and entourage songs played (actually there were no liturgical songs played at all). We coordinated with the parish to ask is there were liturgical songs available in the chapel for the ceremony. They confirmed that they will provide for it and we will just need to ask the sacristan to manage it. I also asked about how we need to record the entourage songs and they told me that we need to burn it in a CD (we were like, ummmmm ang old school ah). Because of that, we didn’t bother to worry about the liturgical songs anymore and we did cram to burn the CD since all of the songs were in a USB. Here comes the wedding day and all the problems were there. They had a VERY BAD SOUND SYSTEM that day!!! So bad that the entourage songs played were “garalgal” or choppy and most of the guests didn’t even understood the vows of my husband that well (maybe because of his mic). That was besides the fact that the chapel was just small! There was also NO LITURGICAL SONGS played. Good thing that the officiating priest was a good priest and he managed to bring the crowd to just sing with him. We also gave our wedding coordinator the CD for the entourage songs and when they gave it to the sacristan, he even said “bakit CD? sana USB nalang.” Cramming to have the CD burnt down the drain.

The overall experience that we had in the chapel wasn’t that great, thus, the rating.

Pictures of the wedding and the chapel below. 🙂


_MG_9457   _MG_9444

_MG_9469   IMG_0250


IMG_0117   _MG_9546



_MG_9894   _MG_9993



9 thoughts on “Wedding Review: St. Pancratius Chapel (Chapel, AKA Paco Park Chapel)

  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you also had your reception at the park? We are planning kasi to have our church wedding this December but I don’t have any idea if they will provide the sound system or we need to look for our own supplier.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your blog, this is helpful 🙂 i just have a question when did you had your wedding in Paco Church? I am kinda concern sa sound system pero I am thinking baka nag improve na sya hehe

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