WEDDING Church Hunt: St. Pancratius Chapel (AKA Paco Park Chapel)


Since it has been decided that we’ll be having the wedding in the Metro, we started the hunt for the perfect venue. We prioritized looking for the church and the reception venue first to secure their availabilities.
First stop was Paco Park. Two reasons why that was our first option:

1. We were looking for garden venues – for the church and the reception.
2. We both liked the wedding of Jay’s (lead vocals of Kamikazee) and Sarah Abad’s.

Off we go and in the heart of Manila, we ended up in this very beautiful and vintage park and/or cemetery. The place was secluded except for the fact that it is a national park and there is an entrance fee if you want to stroll around the park. The chapel was cute and in spite of its small capacity, the overall ambiance of the place and the park was perfect for our taste.

Paco park has its own chapel for the ceremony and garden outside for the reception. If you’re thinking about the convenience of your guests and if you’d want an outdoor wedding, best option is to rent the garden as well.

You will need to contact 2 separate groups for the church and the garden. The chapel is under the scope of the parish in Adamson University and if you’d want to inquire for available dates, you’ll go to the church office of San Vicente de Paul Parish.

Rates: 18k (2013), 5k required downpayment




For the garden rental, you will need to communicate with National Park Development Committee (NPDC) for inquiries and rates.

Rates: 18k for 6hours plus 10% of total caterer charge for accredited suppliers or 20% of total caterer charge for non-accredited suppliers. There are also additional charges for lights and sounds and additional hours.


The place was just the perfect place for us. We’d want an intimate wedding and the size of the chapel was just about right. It can fit 150 people and is also airconditioned. The vibe and the vintage feel of the whole place got us from the start and we didn’t even looked for any other churches afterwards. To cut the long story short, we booked the chapel! 🙂

We didn’t book the garden for the reception though, mainly because of the additional charges on top of the rental fee. The reception venue hunt will be added in the next couple of days. 🙂


29 thoughts on “WEDDING Church Hunt: St. Pancratius Chapel (AKA Paco Park Chapel)

  1. the place looks lovely! i’ve seen a couple of weddings in there and very whimsical ang feel. ganda. 🙂

  2. Hello, any other suggestions for wedding venue? I am looking kasi for a place here in Manila. would want ung garden style sana. pero ang budget ko is 15-20k lang, 150 pax. thank u!

    • Hi Kristal! I can only share what we’ve visited and so far lahat sila nasa blog entry na. 🙂 when you go to intramuros madami din dun na halos magkakatabi tabing events place. You can ask around.

    • not updated na yung price list here, maybe you can just contact the diocese handling st. pancratius for updated rates and availabilities. Also, you need to contact NPDC for rates of the garden area.

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