Makiling Traverse

Makiling Traverse – first dayhike.

Mt. Makiling can be very visible when you go south. This mountain was known to be mysterious. Legends surround the mountain, many of which relate to Maria Makiling, said to be the ‘guardian fairy’ of the mountain. When you take a look at the mountain, you can see a figure which looks like the side view of a woman lying on her back.

Hike proper: It was a long rainy and muddy hike. Took us the whole day to go the other side of the mountain.

From Buendia, you can ride a bus going to Lucena, Quezon and have them drop you off Sto. Tomas, Batangas. From there, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. San Bartolome Barangay Hall. This is the start of your hike from Batangas.

Packed light. Since I’m a beginner, Buboy was considerate enough to bring all the food and water supplies.

And that’s the view up there!

and more…

breathtaking scenery.

Since it was a rainy hike.. we hiked with the fog.

Campsite. Muddy campsite.

Limatik. Your constant companion all throughout your hike here.

Trek going to Los, Banos jump-off.

Some tips when go on a traverse dayhike: 

1. Keep safe: there are some cliffs, ropes and steep trailroad that you’ll need to pass through.

2. Pack as light as possible: If you have a boyfriend, just do the puppy eye look and ask him to bring all the water. hahaha! kidding aside, do not bring unnecessary stuff. I just brought a little bag but I was really tired after.

3. Be Cautious: there are lots of LIMATIKS here. Check your body every now and then. They might be sucking lots of your blood already.

4. Crossroads: make sure that you know the correct trail before deciding to turn and trek. There are some crossroads that might get you lost. This mountain has been know to be mystical. Being extra careful wouldn’t harm you anyway.

5. Beware of bad people: I have a mountaineer friend who has held up on their way down to the jump-off.

It took us the whole day to finish. I cannot recall how long we were able to finish this hike but it was really a long hike. We started out early in the morning and ended up in the wilderness zone to eat snacks (yes, there were lots of sari-sari store at the side of the trail). Again, being a beginner in this kind of thing, I got really really tired. Good thing is that, there were some motorcycles (habal-habal) that you can rent from the sari-sari stores going down to the jump-off. The motor ride going down took as at least 30 minutes which might have taken 1-2 hours walk. We got to  Los Banos, Laguna jump-off at around 7-8pm.  

I never thought that I’d be able to hike this mountain but I guess I did! 🙂


One thought on “Makiling Traverse

  1. kindly used the sipit trail coz palanggana trail is closed. we will not accept any excuses that you are not informed by menro personnel

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